English is a language that everyone wants to know. It is popular in a way that if you do not know it, you are left out. It is common, thus many people forget that they have to learn about it. If you attend an English class, there is no guarantee you will be good at English. Some people go for classes and are still the same at the end of the day. Do not expect to be a pro in the language when the only thing you do is go to class.

 At least every person has the experience of attending an English class. You start learning it from elementary school to college. It is hard to find someone that is an English professional, and all he/she does is go to class. Going to class requires a lot of time and energy, which most people do not have. You end up spending so much money for no apparent reason. Things you can do when you are in an English class:

  • Listening to the wrong English

Most students do not know the correct words to use; they end up saying the wrong things. Sometimes the teacher is not sure about whatever he/she is saying. You end up getting invalid information and listening to incorrect grammar. It is impossible to improve on the language when you are in such an environment.

  • Saying a Couple of Sentences in English

A class can contain more than twenty students, and the time you have to take for the language cannot allow each student to speak English to his/her satisfaction. If you want to master the language properly, you have to converse a lot using it. There is no way you can be good at anything when you do not take the time to use it. If it is a must you attend class, consider going for those that do a lot of talking.

  • Using Textbooks

No teacher can come to class without a textbook. It is the number one thing they cannot forget when coming to teach. They use it because it is easy. They do not have to think a lot because it makes work easier for them. The moment you start using a textbook, learning becomes less effective and homework becomes less interesting. You will have to deal with stories that will not make your life improve. You have to go ahead and try doing the questions. Afterward, you take it to the teacher for marking. If you think about all this keenly, you will realize that you are only wasting your time.

  • Listening to Grammar Rules

There are so many rules you have to know in English. Some are complicated and will only confuse you more. You have to cram different rules so that you can better your grammar, it is total madness. You should know that you cannot master everything in English. When you have to converse in English, you cannot pause and think. The conversation has to flow naturally. You will not be taking your time to adhere to the rules when talking to someone else. When you know most of the rules, there is a possibility you will excel in class, but your English will remain the same.

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