Do you struggle with getting all your homework done and on time? You are not alone here. Many people find it hard to juggle school work, employment, and personal lives. As a result, they take too long on their homework or do not manage to finish their assignments.

In this article, we guide you on how to work hard and smart on your homework so you can complete it fast. Let us begin, shall we?

Apply the Hard-Start-Jump-to-Easy Technique

The hard startjump to easy technique is a test-taking approach recommended by author Barbara Oakley in her book A Mind for Numbers. You can apply the same strategy to homework problems by following these steps:

  • Read through your assignment to identify the difficult problems, then start with them.
  • If, after a minute or two, you are finding it difficult to solve a problem, move on to easier problems before shifting back to the hard one. You will often notice it becomes easier to solve the problem than before.

The technique works because our brains function in two distinct ways of thinking, i.e., focused and diffused. In the focused mode, you directly concentrate on a problem and try to solve it logically. In contrast, diffuse mode of thinking involves relaxing your attention and allowing your mind to wander. Consequently, different areas of your brain connect and deliver valuable insights that help you solve difficult problems.

Record All Details of Sample Problems in Class

To study effectively and have confidence in your answers, you need to have good record-keeping in the classroom. However, taking notes can sometimes be challenging, for instance, if you have a professor that talks way too fast. These tips will help get around such hurdles:

  1. Write down the problem and the answer before the solution.

Having a record of sample problems ensures you study the right material for your exams. Moreover, it enhances your after-class studies because if you get stuck trying to solve a problem, you can always work backward from the answer. And if that doesn’t do it, you can always consult a friend or get help from Google or YouTube.

  1. Take Notes as if You Will Later Teach Someone Else.

Would your annotation only be enough to study a lesson from scratch? Aim to take notes that would provide all the necessary information to work through a problem.

Do Homework at School

Did you know you don’t have to do your homework at home? In fact, the best time to work on your assignment is right after class when the information you’ve learned is still fresh in your mind. Doing your homework ASAP enables you to work through it faster while reinforcing the acquired knowledge. Create ample time in your schedule or remain on campus to complete your assignments before heading home.


So what’s the takeaway? Apply the problem-answer-solution strategy when taking notes. By doing this, you will capture all the sample problems you need to study effectively. Next, use the hard start-jump to easy technique to utilize different parts of your brain to solve the hard questions. And lastly, do your homework in school when possible; you’ll take less time on tasks because you’ll tackle them with more intensity and purpose.

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