Have you or your kid ever been frazzled by the number of homework assignments that you have to do every night? Throughout the world, many parents and students continue to lament over the overwhelming amounts of homework that they have to deal with. However, some of them have already appreciated the benefits of getting homework help from Assignment Geek service. This lets kids spend less time on homework and enjoy other activities more.

Shockingly, one first grade was tasked with the responsibility of researching a prominent person in history and writing a two-page report about them. As if that is not enough, they also had to include a bibliography.

I know some of you have read that with awe. Well, studies are showing that students today are given way too much homework to handle every night. As a result, this increase in homework quantities frustrates students as well as their parents.

Who wouldn’t worry if their kids always stay up late in the night trying to finish an assignment due the following morning?

A varying stand

Most educational researchers throughout the nation claim that there is a lack of evidence that students have to work on additional amounts of homework than before. This is to say that even though our education is progressing well, there hasn’t been a change in homework amount.

The average homework time throughout the nation is estimated to be about 4 hours a week. Most of these claims are usually derived from a survey that uses the national test NAEP. Critics, on the other hand, have identified a serious flaw in this evaluation.

The national test survey always asks kids how much homework they did in the previous night. In the real sense, teachers don’t issue any homework during this time claiming to give students ample time to prepare for it. Therefore, these researchers usually end up with irrelevant data that doesn’t reflect the true picture on the ground.

Facts remain that homework quantities have increased in the last quarter-century with at least a 20% rate for elementary pupils who initially didn’t have to do any homework.

A brief history of homework

Homework has been a contentious subject that has crisscrossed through different centuries. This dates back to 1901 when groups started demonstrating about these assignments leading to its abolishment in California. This was silently repealed and things went back to normal again until the 1930’s when the debate picked up again. Proponents supported homework’s good side while the opposition became bitter about its negative side, especially the possibilities of taking a toll on their kids’ health.

This went on through the better part of the first half of the 20th century and eventually led to the formulation of the “10-minute rule” by the National PTA in collaboration with the National Education Association.

However, experts caution against the common short gun homework approach that doesn’t add value to any one’s life. Effective homework includes constant teacher-student interaction to identify any learning difficulties and correct them.

Throughout the world, the notion of assigning more and more homework every night to every student including the elementary school goes is wrong and should be replaced with a much better and promising learning strategy.

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